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Obecný úrad Bartošovce 148
086 42 Hertník

Tel.: 054/479 1201
Fax: 054/479 1201
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Region: Bardejov

Microregion: Sekčov Topľa, Čergov

First written mention: 1408

Height above sea level: 357 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 734

Sufrace of cadaster: 1556 ha


Bartošovce extends in Bartošovská kotlina (Bartošovce’s fold). It originated as yeomanly settlement early in 14th century.  First written mention of Bartošovce village comes from 1408. During its medieval history Bartošovce was ownership of several aristocratic families, it was natural catchment village with highest significance in range of Bartošovce’s manor. Except of agriculture and trades the village was successful in industrial branch. In 19th century iron-mill and paper-mill were performed here. Roman Catholic Church of the Virgin Birth was built in the early 17th century. On the present the village has more than 700 inhabitants and developed infrastructure. Basic school and nursery school are established here. Sport activities can be exercised on football field and multifunctional sports facility. In terms of cultural activities several associations are functional in the village: for example choir and voluntary fire department fulfilling primarily function of fire protection. In Bartošovce there are several enterprise subjects. The most prestigious of them are Bauexsport, Vijofel and Mr. Lazúr. Bartošovce proves dynamically developing seat connecting traditions and modernization in natural union.



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