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Obecný úrad Fričovce 34
082 37 Široké

Tel.: 051/ 791 11 19
Fax: 051/ 748 23 23
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Region: Prešov


First written mention: 1320

Height above sea level: 495 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 1085

Sufrace of cadaster: 850 ha


 The village Fricovce is spread on the both banks of the river Velka Svinka in The Saris Highlands.
(Sarisska vrchovina). The first written mention comes from 1320. In the past the village has agricurtural character. Since 1334 it is settlement of the parish church. Roman-catholic Church of St. Bartolomei is a sacral monument. It was built in 1738 and for visitors it is attractive by its richly decorated interior. Roman-catholic Church St. Martyrs from Kosice is up-to-date dominant of the village. It is extraordinary large, architectonically interesting building. Renaissance Manor House from 1630 belongs to secular sightseen. Its façade is decorated by historical and mythological creatures of Waxman. In its surrounding the vacation zone is spread – park with rare wood- pulp, declared conservation territory just for its rare flora. In Fricovce there is also chapel of The Spleniovci line. It was building from 1737 to 1738. Local sports centre serves for sports and cultural activities. There is Basic school and Kindergartenschooll, too. At the cadastre of Fricovce station of express emergency has been created in yesteryear. In the close surrounding there is several interesting turist destinations like Lacnovsky Canyon, mineral springs Salvator and made available cave Zla Dzura. A lot of cultural and natural monuments in connection with hospitality of Fricovce generates good base for development of tourism trade.



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