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Village Krajné Čierno expands in Nízke Beskydy, in valley of streamlet Černianka. It is part of microregion Pod Duklou. First written mention of the village comes from 1600. It belonged to manor Makovica. Liege yoke bore hardly on local inhabitants. A lot of them ran off to the mountains and started to be forest robbers. Also bandits group of Fedor Hlavatha comes from here. Present Krajné Čierno is home for little more than 80 people. The village has big potential for development in the sphere of country tourism. The most precious monument of the village is three-piece wooden Church of St. Bazil the Great built up at 18th century. Interesting is that all building from outside is covered by shingles. Church is registered in the List of national cultural relics. Orthodoxy cathedral stands in the village too. Also elements of traditional architecture are well-kept and developed in Krajné Čierno. Several original wooden houses together with charming natural environment create unique picture. 



Piatok, 22. marec 2019

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