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Nižná Olšava lies in valley of Olšavka stream. It is part of Ondava microregion. First written mention of the village comes from 1382. The village belonged to castle lordship Čičava. Habitation by Ruthenians at 15th century significantly changed character of the village. Roman Catholic church stood in the village already in the beginning of 17th century. Existent cathedral originated at 19th century. The village administrates basic and nursery school. From enterprise subjects the biggest economic significance has Agricultural co-operative “Tokajík”. Nižná Olšava is known for varied permanent cultural program. Regional exhibition of Easter eggs yearly takes place here. Sports are supported by multifunctional sport ground and local sports facility. Zone for relax is formed by the village park built up at years 2004-2008. Nižná Olšava has excellent conditions for tourism development thanks to near water reservoir Domaša. Surroundings of the village are rich in natural beauties.



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