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Prešovská univerzita v Prešove Pravoslávna bohoslovecká fakultaContacts:
Prešovská univerzita v Prešove Pravoslávna bohoslovecká fakulta
Masarykova 15
080 01 Prešov

Tel.: 051/ 772 47 29
Fax: 051/ 773 26 77
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Orthodox Theological Faculty of the Prešov University in Prešov was based in 1950. In 1990 it was admitted to the union of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice and in 1997 to the union of Prešovská University in Prešov. Mission of the Orthodox Theological Faculty in Prešov is professional preparing and education of future pastors, teachers of clerical education and ethical education, employees in theological branch and social work and employees of Orthodox Church in Czech countries and in Slovakia. Remarkable results of faculty are evident in sience and research work as well as editorial activity. Studies at Orthodox Theological Faculty of Prešovská University in Prešov are realized at 7 departments. There are these ones: department of biblical sciences, systematical theology, practical theology, history of church and Christian philosophy, byzantology, Christian anthropology and social work, Christian pedagogy and psychology. Study takes 5 yaers – daily and external, too. There is also possibility of lifelong learning and doctoral study. Faculty has a disposal to perform habilitation and inauguration of professors. Resident as well as foreign students can be registered. Faculty maintains good relations with leading foreign theological schools.


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